Feminism & Gender

Feminism & Gender

The Heinrich Böll Foundation is committed to fair relations between all genders. It engages in debates, clarifies differences and similarities in analysis and practice, expands networks and opens up new ones. For this we have set up programs worldwide and founded the Gunda Werner Institute for Feminism and Gender Democracy. In addition to current articles and events, you will find introductions to our topics there.

Feminismus & Gender

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Petra Kelly. A Remembrance

She was one of the best known personalities of the 1980s - an icon of the global peace movements and a pioneer for ecology and human rights. Extracts from original texts, six essays on her life and work and many photographs trace the most important stations in Petra Kelly's life.

Scratching the Surface: Democracy, Traditions, Gender

This book provides an insight into the multi-faceted nature of democracy and its complex demands. It looks into the conceptual anomalies, the structural inequalities and ethical defects, especially in the context of South Asian countries.
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