Social Policy

Social Policy

Globalization and the digital revolution, demographic change, erosion of traditional social networks and increasing individualization are forcing new thinking about reforming social provision. Social participation is inconceivable without common, cross-layered public institutions and infrastructures. We need to find new solutions for linking ownership and solidarity, education and economic innovation, state guarantees and civic engagement, private wealth and public goods.

Recent articles

A Vision for a Social Citizen's Europe: The European Commonfare

The current crisis is not a crisis of confidence, nor is it purely financial in character. The current crisis is, above all, a device for domination, spoliation, and precarisation. What we witness today is the depredation and expropriation of common goods, of wealth, and of rights. What we need is a common social, fiscal, and budgetary policy. By Aitor Tinoco i Girona

European social policy: Urgent need for clarification

Europe unilaterally imposes austerity measures without drawing a line to define minimum social standards. The result is that social achievements are being dismantled overnight. Now the call for a more socially oriented Europe has become louder. We have to make social security systems more European.  By Annalena Baerbock, Anna Cavazzini



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