My love, my right! LGBT lives on a knife-edge | Our Voices, Our Choices

LGBT rights worldwide are on a knife-edge. This podcast probes the states taking progressive leaps in LGBT rights alongside the many places where homosexuality is still illegal and transgender people are forced to lead double lives. We go to Brazil for a mass gay wedding hosted in response to the election of President Jair Bolsonaro. We talk to the Indian man who helped topple a 160-year ban on homosexuality and we listen to political protest pop from Uganda from an activist risking her life to speak out. We ask what impact the growing right-wing has had on LGBT rights and ponder whether human rights are still heterosexual?

A podcast by Abby d’Arcy and Marlene Melchior.

Illustration: CC BY NC ND 4.0 Arinda Craciun

This episode is part of the series:
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This series hands the microphone to people whose voices don’t often get heard - people now making choices which don’t conform to laws or customs - or whose views have long been disregarded, even censored. Its about communities fighting for basic human rights and its about the diverse tools of their struggles. We discover how women are securing their rights through political protest, we look in detail at women’s reproductive rights and we go into LGBT communities worldwide.