Emine Akbaba

The photographer

Emine Akbaba (born in 1987) is a German-Turkish photojournalist. She studied photojournalism at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Her reporting brings her regularly to the Middle East, where she meets women with the intention of telling and documenting their stories. The results are images filled with pathos, which have already garnered her a number of awards. Excerpts from her multimedia reportage “Precious Blossom” are on display in Berlin until November 12 at F3 – freiraum für fotografie, as part of the exhibition “Türkiyeli – Contemporary Photography from Turkey”. The exhibition is curated in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

“Precious Blossom” deals with violence against women in Turkey. It includes video evidence as well as photographs of victims and the places where they were attacked. Emine Akbaba forces viewers to look closely, an experience she hopes will change something inside them. As for herself, she says that she is no longer sure how to come to terms with everything she has seen.