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The protests sprang from Gezi Park, and spread throughout Turkey in a short period of time, mark a historical turning point for Turkish democracy. Accounts and analyses of Gezi Protests are limited for foreign readers. Therefore, for this extraordinary occasion, we introduce a special cover story on Gezi Park Protests in our 5th issue. Perspectives - Political Analysis and Commentary from Turkey - evaluates the protests through three articles from Deniz Özgür (Gezi Park activist), Cengiz Çandar (political analyst) and Ska Keller (Member of the European Parliament).

In addition to the cover story, we continue to analyze long-term issues of Turkey in our feature articles. This issue features articles on "Turkey's growth fetish". We believe that policies, over the last decade, obsessed with economic, political and population growth play an important role in the accumulation of public resentment that resulted in a social explosion of June 2013.

As usual, you will find other interesting articles under our foreign policy and culture sections. We hope you will enjoy the 5th issue of Perspectives and welcome any feedbacks.

Juli 2013
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3 Editor’s note

4 Cover Story: Gezi Park / A NEW HISTORY IS BEGINNING

4 How the Gezi revolt gave birth to park democracy,

Deniz Özgür

8 Gezi Park protests: A historical milestone in the democratization of Turkey,

Cengiz Çandar

12 #occupygezi: A revolution goes European,

Ska Keller

14 Feature articles

14 The unbearable appeal of modernization: The fetish of growth,

Bengi Akbulut – Fikret Adaman

18 Ten years of Turkish capitalism and tendencies,

Mustafa Sönmez

22 Neoliberal stability policies fail to bring results,

Hayri Kozanoğlu

26 Private sector and politics in Turkey,

Ayşe Buğra – Osman Savaşkan

31 Energy or Turkey: Which one will be consumed first?

Özgür Gürbüz

36 AKP goes to Africa: Imperialism by anti-imperialists,

Ayşe Çavdar

40 AKP does not confine women to home, it chains them to the family,

Hülya Osmanağaoğlu

44 Ecology

44 Draft Bill for the Protection of Nature and the concept of rights,

Engin Yılmaz

46 Democracy

46 Turkey’s Terror Prevention Act: Source of problems in freedom of expression,

Fikret İlkiz

50 The making of the Prevention of Financing Terrorism Law

Müjde Tozbey Erden

52 International Politics

52 Turkey and Iran: A Sunnite Axis against the Shiite crescent?

Hakan Güneş

56 Culture

56 Yunus Emre Cultural Centers: The AKP’s Neo-Ottomanism and Islamism,

Ayhan Kaya

60 Human landscape

60 Burn witch, burn,

Zozan Özgökçe

61 News from Heinrich Böll Foundation

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