50 Years of ASEAN (2/3): All clear on the Haze?

The haze agreement is the first agreement in ASEAN on an explicit environmental issue. It has entered into force 2003 in order to manage forest fires and reduce environmental destruction as well as air pollution with joint regional efforts.

However, in 2015 Singaporean citizens saw themselves confronted with a major haze, zero visibility and a thick smoke smell coming over from Indonesia. Today, the struggle between environmental, regional foreign and economic policy has still not been decided despite these immediate consequences.

By Johanna Son
Johanna Son, a Filipino journalist/editor based in Bangkok for 17 years, follows a mix of regional issues, including ASEAN. She also works on programs around the capacity-building of journalists from Asia.

Bild: Ines Meier/Lizenz: cc-by-nc-nd

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