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Women fight for reproductive rights | Our Voices, Our Choices

Women and girls just want to have fundamental human rights! That’s what we hear in this podcast. Yet many states restrict their reproductive rights and regulate abortion alongside murder in their criminal codes.

This podcast takes us to Ireland to find out how they managed to liberalise a very strict 8th amendment. We learn about 11-year old Lucia, an Argentine denied her right to abortion, and about how Malawi is dragging its abortion laws out of the 1800s. Final stop is China where despite continued forced abortions and strict family policies women are discovering their human rights.

A podcast by Abby d’Arcy and Marlene Melchior.

Illustration: CC BY NC ND 4.0 Arinda Craciun

Diese Episode ist Teil der Serie:

This series hands the microphone to people whose voices don’t often get heard - people now making choices which don’t conform to laws or customs - or whose views have long been disregarded, even censored. Its about communities fighting for basic human rights and its about the diverse tools of their struggles. We discover how women are securing their rights through political protest, we look in detail at women’s reproductive rights and we go into LGBT communities worldwide.