Veranstaltungen und Kontakte der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung beim Klimagipfel in Cancún / Reference Sheet COP 16 with contacts and events

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25. November 2010
The Heinrich Böll Foundation is a political foundation affiliated with the German Green Party. Our main tenets are ecology and sustainability, democracy and human rights, self-determination and justice. We place particular emphasis on gender democracy, meaning social emancipation and equal rights for women and men. We have been following the UNFCCC negotiations for many years with a delegation consisting of staff members and partners from our 28 offices around the world. The Reference Sheet is designed to give an overview of our main experts & contact person on climate policy and COP 16 in Cancun. The Event Sheet gives you an overview of our activities in Cancún.


Press contact in Cancún:
Jürgen Moritz, / +52-9981011635

Press Conctact at the headoffice in Berlin:

Karoline Hutter,, +49-(0)30-28534-202.

For general information on our international climate policy work:

Lili Fuhr, head of the ecology and sustainable development department, in Cancun:, +52-9981438009, or Tilman Santarius, head of international climate and energy policy, in Berlin:, +49-(0)30-28534-363.

For general information on our work in Mexico:

Ingrid Spiller, office director of the Central America Office of hbf: / +52-9982055075


      Climate Finance
      Liane Schalatek (hbf Washington),, +52- 9981967256
      Lili Fuhr (hbf Berlin),, +52-9981438009
      Jorge Villareal (hbf Mexico),, +52-9982058244

        Wanun Permibul (hbf Thailand),, +52-9981967214
        Sanjay Vashist (hbf India),, +52-9982052591

          REDD / forests
          Annette von Schönfeld (hbf Berlin), +52-9981439194
          Dawid Bartelt, (hbf Mexico),, +52-9981962451

            Technology Transfer and Development
            Tilman Santarius (hbf Berlin),, +49-(0)30-28534-363
            Chen Jiliang (hbf Beijing),, +52-9982052243

              Gender & Climate Change
              Ingrid Spiller (hbf Mexico),, +52-9982055075

                Renewable Energies / Energy Transformation
                Arne Jungjohann (hbf USA); ++1-9981967775

                        High Carbon Oil Investments and Resource Politics
                        Lili Fuhr (hbf Berlin),, +52-9981438009


                        Aditi Kapoor (Journalist, The Times of India, New-Delhi;
                        specialized in media, gender, environment and development
                        Contact via,  +49-160 365 7722


                        Yu Jie (Director, Chinese Policy Research Project in the Climate Group)
                        Contact via,  +49-160 365 7722


                        Francois Paulette (Chief of „Dene Suline“ and member of „First Nations“) T +52  867 872 0381

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