ERENE - European Community for Renewable Energy

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May 2008
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The European Union must set itself ambitious goals if it wants to maintain its political dynamic and the support of the people of Europe. An 80–90% reduction of European carbon dioxide emissions by the middle of this century should therefore be a core project of the EU. Through this the EU would make a major contribution to the protection of the global climate while simultaneously guiding the European economy on to sustainable routes, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. This would call for nothing less than a new industrial revolution with a huge increase in the efficiency of the use of resources and the coverage of the bulk of energy demands with renewable energy as its central theme.

The European Coal and Steel Community, which had the security of energy supplies for Member States as a central goal, was at the origin of European unification. The next European Community initiative in the field of energy policy was EURATOM (European Atomic Energy Community), which was intended to promote the use of nuclear energy and thereby reduce Europe’s dependency on imported energy. In the meantime, however, this supposed “industry of the future” has proven itself to be a billion-dollar grave.

ERENE will go in another direction, avoiding the risks of nuclear energy and making Europe a pioneer of modern energy supply for the 21st century by covering its energy needs from renewable energy sources. Analogously to EURATOM, ERENE could be a new community founded on its own treaty, or could be established by a Council decision under the umbrella of the EU.


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