“A legitimated government comes from its parliament transparency”

Interview by: Neelab Hakim

Fahim Kohdamani is born in Shakar Dara one of Kabul districts in 1976. He has completed his primary education in Kabul and continued his secondary education in Peshawar – Pakistan and got his baccalaureate from one of Kabul high schools. Mr. Kohdamani has studied teacher training in Iran and also has a diploma from Iran Youth Cinema Academy. Currently he is studying Law and Jurisprudence in one of private institutes of Kabul. Besides he has also got private theology education.

Mr. Kohdamani has worked as journalist, chief editor of Hamwatan publication. He has also worked as head of media and spokesman of Kabul Police. He was head of Emroz TV for three years.

Fahim Kohdamani was previously a candidate for provincial council in 2009 provincial council election.

Currently he is running as a candidate from Kabul for parliamentary elections.

1. What is the reason that why you are running for the parliamentary election?

Fahim Kohdamani: The main reason that I candidate myself is that I have grown during period of long continuous war in our country. I have witnessed that our people have suffered a lot; they have lost their shelter and family members during war period. They were under pressure and ruled by warlords for long time. I see that still those who are culprits, criminals and who are violators of human’s rights are still in power and still they are trying to find a way again in parliament.

As parliament is the lawmaking body in a country so for having a prosperous and developed country, intellectuals, educated and those who can really serve better by their hard work and transparent service to people are needed to be members of a parliament.

I have always opposed any violation towards our county and people and resisted to any inequality and any wrong religious persuasion, even because of that I was imprisoned for a month but I never considered it as a failure or never left my country or stopped my struggle and I strongly do believe in honesty, transparency and work for our people. Now our parliament needs youth, intellectuals and educated people who can help our people and serve the country not those who are involved in illegal activities and who are in favor of gaining money, power and their own benefits.

2. Do you think about people’s support for this election?

Fahim Kohdamani: To be a candidate, we need to go inside the communities and talk to people. Luckily I am known by people, so whenever I meet people, I get their nice words, comments and their support. The concept has changed from previous elections. I want to say that previously people did not vote naively or being inexperienced but fraud happened and it over shadowed votes of people. In last election tribal, language and religious discriminations used as tools to provoke people instead of giving civic education and information them. Now people are aware and they will vote for the best unless fraud happens.

3. What are the good opportunities you see in front of all parliamentary candidates?

Fahim Kohdamani: A good chance for me is that people know me, they have followed my TV program which was against promotion of wrong perception of Islam and superstitious believes amongst people. I confidently can campaign without any hurdle on my way. I have people’s support by my side, because they know I always fight for right and never set back.

4. What are the big challenges in front of parliamentary candidates?

Fahim Kohdamani: A big challenge will be expectancy of fraud and existence of influential people who have money and power, moreover, some District Field Coordinators (DFC) are paid to work in favor of some candidates, the other big challenge is that some candidates with low educational backgrounds are candidates financially supported by big groups of offenders who are involved in drug trafficking and very corrupted and they want to have them in the parliament for their own benefits.

5. What will be your agenda and policy towards your country if you are elected as a parliamentarian?

Fahim Kohdamani:
“A legitimated government comes from its parliament transparency”. I would like to focus on passage and approval of new and updated laws according to Afghan context. In addition I want to establish an active group who can transparently observe government work and fill the gaps present in some current laws of Afghanistan.

6. How do you evaluate work (achievements and shortcomings) of previous parliament?

Fahim Kohdamani: After many years of war, luckily we have a new established parliament, so some short comings can be expected.

Clash of ideas and thoughts often happen since there are different people from different ethnicity, regions and having different ideology in the parliament.

Some language and tribal discriminations still exist in parliament.

Passage and approval of some laws can be counted as great achievement of our parliament.



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