A Landmark achievement by long-time Partner of Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Pakistan

Punjab Youth Policy 2012

6th June 2012, youth policy in the biggest province of Pakistan is launched officially-- Thanks to Bargad Organization for the youth development, a long time of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

Punjab Youth Policy 2012

We are pleased to share that Bargad a long-time partner of HBS has been the key organization to formulate Youth Policy of the Punjab, biggest province of Pakistan. It provided technical assistance to Government of the Punjab in designing the project, implementing an inclusive consultative process and preparing the Punjab youth policy document.
Having officially launched on 6th of June 2012, it is first youth policy by any province in the history of Pakistan. The policy comes in the backdrop of 18th amendment to the Pakistani constitution, which granted provincial autonomy and shifted authority from the federal government to the provinces over Youth Affairs along with other subjects.

HBS can hope that the Punjab Youth Policy serves all those who advocate pro-people, moderate and gender-friendly policies in Pakistan.

HBS takes pride in supporting grassroots organizations like Bargad ever since it was founded by young students in 1998 and have now turned into a premier youth development organization of Pakistan.

The Punjab Youth Policy promises many positives measures for the youth i.e. 2 percent budgetary allocation, 5% quota for youth in the local bodies, 15% quota for girls in employment, reactivation of boy scouts and girl guides, micro-credit facility for the unemployed, launching of a helpline on adolescent health, life-skills to youth, equal portrayal of boys and girls in the text books, establishment of a youth development foundation financed by a youth development fund, youth councils at the union councils level and monitoring and evaluation of the policy progress under a public-private partnership, etc.