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Our Israel office in Tel Aviv, established in 1998, is a continuation of programmes that began in 1992. The office aims to promote Israeli democracy, debates about the Middle East conflict, and exchanges and dialogue between Israel and Germany.

We collaborate with civil society actors, institutions, and think tanks, as well as with other relevant social forces on programmes that address questions of democracy, the environment, gender, and German-Israeli relations.

As part of its democracy programmes our Tel Aviv office not only backs projects that support the rights of minorities, especially the Arab minority, but we also collaborate with advocacy groups and think tanks to address social issues that came to the fore through massive social protests that shook a number of Israeli cities in 2011.

Israeli environmental groups are working hard to put sustainability on the mainstream political agenda. Our Tel Aviv office supports such activities and is trying to augment the debate by providing expert input. As many Israeli NGOs work in isolation we are trying to connect them with international partner organisations.

Regarding gender issues the situation in Israel is considerably different from that in the neighbouring countries, still, even here, some problem areas need to be addressed. We work with organisations on issues such as “women and environmental justice” as well as on the legal and social situation of LGBTI people.

Programmes on German-Israeli relations focus on dialogue and exchanges. Exhibitions, book presentations, and exchange programmes aim to promote dialogue on things past and present. A further programme focus is the comparative analysis of migration policies in Israel and Europe.

The Tel Aviv office is the venue of numerous get-togethers and events. In addition, it offers a space where many Israeli NGOs can meet free of charge.


Office director:
Claude Weinber


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Heinrich Boell Foundation
1 Har Sinai St. 2nd floor
Tel Aviv 65816


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