Transnational Organized Crime

Analyses of a Global Challenge to Democracy
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Transnational organized crime interferes with the everyday lives of more and more peo-ple - and represents a serious threat to democracy. By now, organized crime has become an inherent feature of economic globalization, and the fine line between the legal and illegal operation of business networks is blurred. Additionally, few experts could claim to have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the laws and regulations governing the international flow of trade, and hence of the borderline towards criminal transactions.

This book offers contributions from 12 countries around the world authored by 25 experts from a wide range of academic disciplines, representatives from civil society or-ganizations and private industry, journalists, as well as activists. Recognizing the complexity of the issue, this publication provides a cross cultural and multi-disciplinary analysis of transnational organized crime including a historical approach from different regional and cultural contexts.


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I. Introduction

II. Transnational Issues of Organized Crime

1. Money Laundering: Motives, Methods, Impact, and Countermeasures
by Christine Jojarth

2. What Do a Tax Evader and a Money Launderer have in Common?
The Role of Secrecy in the Financial Sector
Interview with John Christensen

3. “People should not be punished for being honest!”
Interview with Steffen Salvenmoser

4. Organized Crime in Cyberspace
by Tatiana Tropina

5. Judicial and Social Conditions for the Containment of Organized Crime:
A Best Practice Account
by Edgardo Buscaglia

III. Regional Perspectives

1. Introduction

2. Afghanistan

2.1 Two Sides of a Coin? Statebuilding and Transnational Organized Crime
Networks in Afghanistan
by Florian B. Kühn

2.2 “Mired in Deception” — Narcotics and Politics in Afghanistan
by Christoph Reuter

2.3 How to Fight Corruption in Afghanistan: A Community Project Example
Interview with Yama Torabi

3. India

3.1 Black Economy in India and Transnational Organized Crime:
Undermining Democracy
by Arun Kumar

4. West Africa

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