Perspectives Turkey 7: Urban Transformation and Local Government towards the Elections

And the cement is tempered

We greet 2014 with a new lay out and, as usual, feature articles that examine the background of the current political atmosphere in Turkey. As Turkey enters into a period of elections, Perspectives analyzes the strategies of main political actors and emphasizes the role of urban politics for the municipal elections in March 2014. In our dossier, we cover a range of articles from the autonomy of local governments to “crazy” construction projects planned by the central government. The Democracy section is particularly rich in this issue and supported by two extensive articles on the foreign policy of Turkey and cultural politics of the Gezi Protests. Muharrem Erbey, a human rights activist under arrest as a part of KCK trials, is our guest in the human landscapes section.

We hope you enjoy reading our 7th issue, which we hope serves as a compass in these tumultuous times for politics in Turkey. Of course, we appreciate any feedback and comments.

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January 2014
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung – Turkey Representation
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Table of contents

3 Editorial

Urban Transformation and Local Government towards the Elections
4 Gezi, elections and a political alternative,
Stefo Benlisoy
9 HDP: Possibilities and obstacles,
Ayhan Bilgen
14 Autonomy in local government,
Hacı Kurt
19 Crazy urban transformation, rational capital accumulation,
Gökhan Bilgihan
24 Weakening the local, reinforcing the center,
Prof. Dr. Nadir Suğur

28 Slow philosophy,
Rıdvan Yurtseven
33 Çıralı: Paradise lost,
Yusuf Yavuz

36 Democratization package evaluated with the independent criteria prevalent in democracies,
Ayşen Candaş
41 Violence Prevention and Monitoring Centers (ŞÖNİM) that can’t (won’t) prevent male violence,
Deniz Bayram
46 The German political associations - demon and enemy of Turkey?
Ulrike Dufner
48 In praise of Turkishness - an end in sight?,
Özgür Sevgi Göral

International Politics
52 The hedging strategy in foreign policy,
M.Sinan Birdal

58 Gezi’s universe of possibilities,
Ezgi Bakçay

Human Landscape
65 Wooden-sworded knight of the last Roman castle, or the cry of a human rights defender,
Muherrem Erbey

69 News from Heinrich Böll Foundation

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