Enthusiastic consumers, non-committed Democrats: A study about the relationship of youth to Democracy in Hungary

Political socialization has been an absolute failure in the new democracy. While most Hungarian young people have developed an aversion towards politics, those who engage with the political process tend to support the far-right party Jobbik to a much larger extent than older generations. Recent surveys have revealed shockingly low support for ‘democracy as a system of rule’ among youth. Only app. 40% of them regard democracy as the best political system, while for about one-third it is totally irrelevant what political system they live in.

In cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation the Political Capital Institute prepared a study with a view to getting a better grasp of the factors underpinning widespread disillusionment with ‘democracy’, and uncovering the reasons behind the low levels of political activity among young people in Hungary. The study was based on secondary analysis of existing research and databases.


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June 30, 2013
Heinrich Böll Stiftung
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3 Key Findings

5 Actors of socialization

6 Values and democratic attitudes

9 Subcultural identities

10 Recommendations

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