Resource Politics for a Fair Future

Resource Politics for a Fair Future

A Memorandum of the Heinrich Böll Foundation
Cover: Resource Politics for a Fair Future
04. Jun. 2014
Place of Publication: Berlin
Date of Publication: May 2014
Number of Pages: 56
ISBN: ISBN 978-3-86928-127-8

From the extraction of tar sands in North America to large-scale land purchases in Africa and from China’s investment in the Mekong region to mining and soya production in Latin America – the global resources bonanza is a fact. But all this use of natural resources doesn’t respect the ecological limits of our world and it doesn’t result in a fair distribution of the profits.

In this Memorandum the notion of new politics is introduced to look at current conflicts around resource use as a complex set of interactions between nature, humans, interests, power relations and cultures. With this text the Heinrich Böll Foundation offers a perspective which combines democracy, ecology and human rights and lays out fundamental ways forward that can form the basis for fair and sustainable Resource Politics.


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