Making Gender Democracy a Reality: The Anne Klein Women’s Award

In honour of Anne Klein the Heinrich Böll Foundation has created the Anne Klein Women’s Award. Anne Klein, a dedicated lawyer and openly lesbian politician, has been a pioneer of feminist causes. She served as the first feminist Women’s Senator in Berlin’s state government. The prize is annually awarded to women who have shown exemplary commitment for making gender democracy a reality.

The award is endowed with 10.000 €.

The Anne Klein Women’s Award is a tribute to the lifework of Anne Klein (1950 – 2011) and her commitment to women’s rights and civil liberties. Anne Klein was a feminist, a lawyer and notary public, and a senator in Berlin’s first red-green coalition government. In all those roles she invariably fought for gender democracy, justice, and against discrimination and violence. Years before feminist and women’s issues became mainstream; she was a committed pioneer for such concerns. As the first Women’s Senator in Berlin’s state government her landmark achievement was the creation of a department for same-sex lifestyles, as was her support for women’s crisis centres and against the trivialisation of domestic violence.

The award will go to women in Germany and abroad who, through their outstanding commitment, have contributed towards making gender democracy a reality and who have fought against discrimination, be it because of gender or sexual orientation. The awardees will be characterised, above all, by their moral courage, their bravery, and by the stand they have taken while working in the best interest of women and girls.

Thanks to a generous gift from Anne Klein, the Heinrich Böll Foundation is able to support, through this award, the commitment of women for human rights, equality, and sexual self-determination.