Perspectives Turkey 9: Turkey's Democracy between two Elections

Catch me before I fall

This issue features two special dossiers: the democracy dossier analyzes the current situation and strategies of significant political actors towards the Presidential elections. The second one is a gender and macroeconomy dossier, which hopefully would provide an introduction to a gendered reading of macroeconomic issues in Turkey, who will be hosting the G20 summit in 2015. As usual the issue covers foreign policy, ecology and culture topics with very interesting articles.


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Date of Publication
July 2014
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung – Turkey Representation
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Table of contents

3 Editorial

Cover Story: Turkey's Democracy between two Elections
4 The right to vote and be elected: 30 March municipal elections, Nejat Taştan
6 Electoral security and beyond: The example of “Oy ve Ötesi”, Sercan Çelebi
9 Women’s and LGBTI politics between two elections, İlknur Üstün
14 Kurdish movement restructures itself, İrfan Aktan
20 Turkey Forum: AKP’s pool economy as a political model, Serpil Sancar

Feature Articles: Gender and Macroeconomy
23 Purple economy: A future vision of a new economic order beyond the green, İpek İlkkaracan
28 Global financial crisis did not leave the labor market untouched, Özge İzdeş
32 Measuring poverty: An old issue, a new approach and some conclusions,
Thomas Masterson, Emel Memiş, Ajit Zacharias

36 Season final in Turkey’s “gold rush”, Arif Ali Cangı
40 The Ukraine - Russia crisis and Turkey: Foreign dependence on energy is not destiny,
Necdet Pamir

International Politics
44 What will Turkey’s G20 Presidency bring? Sarp Kalkan, Gizem Şimer İlseven

46 Tweets and Streets: Rare flowers of history, Osman Akınhay, interview: Ayşegül Oğuz

Human Landscape
50 Suing the Prime Minister for insulting "fags" Levent Pişkin

News from Heinrich Boell Foundation
52 Learning from Gezi, S. Nazik Işık

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