Toward an Open Co-Operativism

Toward an Open Co-Operativism

A New Social Economy Based on Open Platforms, Co-operative Models and the Commons
21. Jan. 2015 by Pat ConatyDavid Bollier
Commons Strategies Group
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Place of Publication: Berlin
Date of Publication: January 2015
Number of Pages: 30
License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

To explore the possibilities of an Open Co-operativism, the Commons Strategies Group, a strategic partner of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, convened a workshop of a dozen notable activists, policy experts, academics and project leaders in Berlin on August 27-28, 2014.

A core question of the workshop “Toward an Open Co-operativism,” was: How can social cooperation in contemporary life be structured to better serve the interests of the co-operators/commoners and society in general, in a techno/political economy that currently insists upon appropriating surplus value for private capital?


Table of contents:


I. At the Crossroads: The Commons and Co-operative Movements

II. Open Co-operativism: An Emerging Vision with Green Shoots and Common Practices

  • Bauwens on netarchical capitalism vs. global commons
  • Dealing with the problems of netarchical and distributed capitalism
  • Historical precursors to open co-operativism

III. New Synergies Between Co-operative Commonwealth Models and Digital Commoners?

  • Community land trust movement
  • Co-operative commonwealth strategies to address precarity
  • Reviving co-operative capital and mutual credit

IV. Making it Happen

  • Movement-building strategies
  • Three general priorities for open co-operativism
  • 1. Build and expand new regimes of law, governance and management
  • 2. Aggregate patient capital (aka “co-operative accumulation”)
  • 3. Blending co-operatives and digital/open platforms


Appendix: Conference participants


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Susanita G. Te...

I need more documents to study on Social and Solidarity Economy. I was in the Reader 2 and learnings from it has been mainstreamed to a training module. During the ILC 2015, SSE is one of the important points raised not only by Phil Workers Adviser to the C.T.I.F but also by resource persons. Kindly send me the link in preparation of the 2015 ILC and local advocacy

Markus Stegfellner

Können Sie mir bitte dieses Dokument auch auf Deutsch zur Verfügung stellen?

Danke und Beste Grüße, Markus Stegfellner

[Anm. der Moderation: Dieses Dokument existiert leider nur auf Englisch]