A New Alignment of Movements?

Report on a Commons Strategies Group Workshop
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This "Deep Dive" report reflects intensive forms of exploratory dialogue and cooperation among social movements. Participants were associated with movements dedicated to co-operatives, a Degrowth economy, Social and Solidarity Economy, peer production, Transition Towns, ecological/sustainability, and the commons. In sharing the more salient developments in their respective movements, participants reflected on the distinct strengths and weaknesses of their movements, the broader challenge of contributing to systemic change, and strategies for fostering a collaborative convergence.

A key question posed was whether the commons paradigm could function as a shared discourse, critique and ethic to help convene the various movements around a shared agenda for change?


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Date of Publication
February 2015
Commons Strategies Group
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Table of contents


I. The General Challenge

  • The Co-operative Movement
  • The Social Solidarity Economy
  • The Degrowth Movement
  • Peer Production
  • The Sharing and Collaborative Economy
  • The Commons Movement

II. Strategies for a Convergence of Movements

  • Do These Movements Overlap – or Not?
  • Notable Exploratory Projects
  • Strategies for Alliance Building
  • Suggested Action points for Moving Forward


Appendix A: Workshop Participants
Appendix B: Roadmap – 2015 Events that Offer Opportunities
for Convergence

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