Regional Office – New Delhi

The Regional Office of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung in New Delhi coordinates the work of the foundation in India since 2002. Since 2019, the foundation also cooperates with partners in the South Asian region, especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The focus of our work is on the protection of natural resources, climate and the environment and on energy transition. Together with partners from civil society and think tanks, we work to foster a pluralistic and inclusive society, on body politics and support a discussion of alternative development paradigms and about India’s regional and global participation and influence.

India has shown a history of continuous economic growth and infrastructure development and has fostered its position in international decision making and leadership fora in the recent years. In parallel social inequalities, religious and ethnic conflicts and a lack of accountable governance structures are becoming more and more visible. Impacts of climate change and the ecological crisis are visible in everyday life and the country is facing major challenges in finding a balance between a sustainable usage of natural resources and the need for further strengthening of socio economic developments. These gaps and challenges have deepened due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In cooperation with partners from local civil society and think tanks we support a discussion of alternative development paradigms and dialogues about protecting biodiversity and natural resources in a climate sensitive and socially just manner. Research leads to recommendations for a sustainable policy making in the field of climate and environment. We are further supporting a regional platform for a just energy transition and a fossil fuel free future of the region.

Our partners advocate for a pluralistic and inclusive society through dialogue, research, fact-finding and reporting about issues of communal harmony. Through identifying polarizing tendencies and developments and information of the media and the broader public, they create awareness and support the prevention of conflict and inclusive peace processes.  

Through the theoretical framework of body politics, we visibilize resistance against patriarchy and heteronormativity through working with LGBTIQA+ minorities and while highlighting impacts of digitalization and broader issues of sexual and reproductive rights.
Highlighting the relevance of South South debates, we moreover support civil society’s voices and interests towards India’s role in international fora and networks such as the G20 or BRICS.

Office director:
Marion Regina Mueller

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