Kyiv Office - Ukraine

Our Kiev office’s main focus is to boost civil society in Ukraine and Belarus. To achieve this, it offers training programmes and assistance, hosts public discussion meetings in Ukraine, and promotes civil-society organisations and initiatives in Belarus. Two of the key issues in this area are participative forms of urban planning and coming to terms with the countries’ histories.

The office organises a small grants competition that supports smaller Ukrainian NGOs in setting up local initiatives to bolster citizens’ participation. In close co-operation with the Kharkiv-based KRONA centre the office also addresses questions of gender equality in Ukraine. In addition, partners such as the Ecoclub in Rivne, the National Centre for Ecology, and other NGOs help us to pursue dialogues on important aspects of Ukraine’s climate and energy policies.

Office Kyiv – Ukraine

Heinrich Böll Foundation


Johannes Voswinkel


wul. Velyka Zhytomyrska 13, office 2, 01001 Kyiv, Ukraine

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