Democratic Money and Capital for the Commons

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This "Democratic Money and Capital for the Commons" report is a rare synthesis of perspectives for rethinking money &  finance, even if a more complete commons agenda on this topic remains to  be developed. Here is the 51 pages report, here its Executive Summary.


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Date of Publication
January 2016
Commons Strategies Group
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Table of contents


  I.  Why a Transformation of Money, Banking and Finance is Essential

 Money as a System of Social Order                

 Public Money as an Essential Alternative to Bank-created Money

 Can Money and Commons “Play Nicely” Together?

 II.  How Can We Finance Commons and Commoning? 

Reconceptualizing Credit and Risk for the Commons

III.  Nine Institutional Forms to Transform Finance

1.  Social and Ethical Lending

2.  Community Development Finance Institutions

3.  Public Banks

4.  Transition-Oriented Credit

5.  The Blockchain Ledger as a Community Infrastructure

6.  Complementary Currencies

7.  Crowdfunding for the Commons

8.  Enspiral and Commons-based Virtual Banking

9.  New Organizational Forms for Cooperative Accumulation

Can These Finance Options Be Integrated into One Narrative?

IV.  Strategies for Moving Forward 

1.  Democratize Money

2.  Get Beyond Money (As We Know It)

3.  Back to the Future: Blending the Old and the New

4.  Engineer Systems for Cooperative Accumulation

5.  Macro-Map the New Monetary System as a Commons

Overarching Themes and Tensions

Next Steps


Appendix A:  List of Workshop Participants 

Appendix B:  Select Workshop Readings

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