Rio 2016 Olympics: The Exclusion Games

Mega-Events and Human Rights Violations in Rio de Janeiro Dossier
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This dossier is a production of the World Cup and Olympics Popular Committee of Rio de Janeiro.

The City of Rio de Janeiro is the stage for several projects, initially aiming at the preparation of the city for the 2014 Wold Cup, and, now, for the 2016 Olympic Games. Since the moment in which the choice of Rio de Janeiro as the 2016 Olympics host was announced, the mainstream media, politicians and several analysts have been emphasizing the opportunities from investment growth in the city, highlighting the possibilities in solving large problems such as those in urban mobility and the recovery of degraded spaces for housing, commerce and tourism, as in the case of the harbour area. The population of the city, however, has already realized that the project Rio Olympic City, which comprises the developments for the 2014 World Cup, and the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as large projects such as Porto Maravilha, will not bring the promised benefits.

When looking at the city’s preparation process for the Olympics, it is possible to assert, disappointingly, Rio 2016 Olympics: the exclusion games!

This version of the Dossier brings new and upgraded information covering the following topics (content):

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December 2015
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Table of contents

1. Housing
2. Urban Mobility: transportation revolution for whom?
3. Work: informal trade repression and slavery practices in formal work
4. Sports: where is the Olympic legacy?
5. Environment: contradictions on the Olympic environmental discourse
6. Public Safety: The Olympics, militarization and racism
7. Gender: Women’s protagonism in popular struggles in the city of Rio de Janeiro
8. Children and Adolescents: conditions of vulnerability and violence
9. Information and Budget: obscure games
10. Resistance Initiatives of the World Cup and Olympics Popular Committee
11. Proposals of the World Cup and Olympics Popular Committee: for a city to all people, with social justice and democracy

The Portuguese version of the dossier can be accessed here.


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