Disputed Nature - Biodiversity and its Convention

Disputed Nature - Biodiversity and its Convention

Cover: Disputed Nature - Biodiversity and its Convention
06. Dec. 2016 by Thomas Fatheuer
The Centre for Research and Documentation Chile-Latin America (FDCL)
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Place of Publication: Berlin
Date of Publication: November 2016
Number of Pages: 34
License: CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0
Language of Publication: english

The findings on biodiversity are shocking: species are vanishing at such high speed that researchers are talking in terms of a sixth major mass extinction happening within human history. Except that this time it will not be caused by a geological disaster, but by human beings, our production and consumption patterns and our modes of living. The incisive analysis and alarming statistics are not matched by a proportionate public awareness or a political agenda.

The present publication (PDF) introducing this complex issue area is a joint attempt by the Centre for Research and Documentation Chile-Latin America (Forschungs-und Dokumentationszentrum Chile-Lateinamerika e. V. – FDCL) and the Heinrich Böll Foundation to clarify the vital development-policy significance of the discussion over biodiversity.

The printed version of the publication can be ordered via Email: info@fdcl.org (3,00 EUR postage costs).

The publication is part of our Dossier on Biodiversity Conference in Cancún (CBD COP 13).

Table of contents:

How it all began

  • Biodiversity – the stellar career of a concept
  • Rio 1992 – the birth of a Convention
  • The CBD and the precautionary principle

Conceptual fine-tuning

  • Nature as service provider
  • Natural capital – the economic about-face in biodiversity conservation

Milestones in the Convention’s development

  • From Rio to Cartagena
  • From Cartagena to Nagoya
  • The CBD intervenes: new and emerging issues

On the path to Cancún – contention surrounds synthetic biology

  • CRISPR – the gene scissors
  • Synthetic biology – making nature new and different
  • Synthetic biology and the CBD

Mainstreaming biodiversity or the quest for quantifiable nature

Who owns nature – intellectual property rights, agriculture and biodiversity

The CBD – a disputed terrain

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Olugbemiga Olla

This is a great book on biodiversity