Shrinking spaces in the Western Balkans

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Without civic engagement and participation, democratization cannot succeed. This publication by our office in Sarajevo sheds light on the complex mechanisms of shrinking spaces in the Western Balkans, provides analyses, and develops adequate countermeasures.


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Date of Publication
Oktober 2016
Heinrich Böll Foundation, Office for Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Table of contents
  • Introduction – An Appeal to (re)Open Space Marion Kraske
  • Shrinking Space for Civil Society Actors Needs Serious Attention Mirela Grünther-Đečević

Shrinking Space in Western Balkans - Case Examples

  • In the Aftermath of the Croatian "U-turn" – Damage Control for Civil Society - Vedran Horvat
  • Populism and Crime as a Model of the Macedonian Political System - Nano Ružin
  • Macedonia: A Captured Society - Xhabir Deralla
  • Macedonia: Occupation of Public Space - Ivana Dragšić
  • Serbia: Regaining Space - Dobrica Veselinović
  • For the Locals Unwanted, for the International Community a "Necessary Evil" - Saša Gavrić
  • Public Space Belongs to Us - Dražana Lepir
  • Albania: Shrinking Spaces, Battles and Striving to Foster Trust in Civic Activism - Alida Karakushi
  • Republika Srpska: A Chronology of Restrictions for Civil Society Organisations - Dragana Dardić
  • Bosnian Blues: Culture, Pressure, Suffocation - Nenad Veličković
  • Academics under Threat – A Personal Experience - Slavo Kukić

Shrinking Space and the Role of Media

  • Media and Public Space in Democracy - Lejla Turčilo
  • Investigative Reporting in the Era of Shrinking Spaces - Leila Bičakčić
  • Media in Serbia – The Fight Continues - Jelena Vasić
  • Ways to Open Space - Dragana Dardić


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