Guanabara Bay: Neglect and Resistance

Guanabara Bay: Neglect and Resistance

Cover Guanabara Bay: Neglect and Resistance
05. Jan. 2017 by Emanuel Alencar
Mórula Editorial
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Place of Publication: Rio de Janeiro
Date of Publication: May 2016
Number of Pages: 128
License: All rights reserved.
Language of Publication: English
ISBN: 978-85-65679-40-4

In order to discuss the situation of the bay – Rio de Janeiros postcard symbol and venue for the regattas of the Olympic Games 2016 - the journalist Emanuel Alencar has searched for references in over more than 30 publications, among them papers, reports and scientific articles, and a dozen of interviews with researchers, environmental activists, fishermen, managers and civil servants. The result is a book rich in data, maps and information that shows that the Olympic Games passed without fulfilling one of its important promises: the clean-up of the bay.

Heinrich-Böll-Foundation supported the production of the publication. The Portuguese digital version can be accessed here. The Portuguese book can be ordered via the publisher Mórula Editorial

All rights of this edition are reserved to MV Serviços e Editora Ltda.

Table of contents:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • A wonder Scenario
  • Our Daily Degradation
  • Environmental and political crisis: empty promises
  • I am Guanabara
  • The Olympic Bay: What to expect?

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