Value in the Commons Economy: Developments in Open and Contributory Value Accounting

Co-published by Heinrich-Böll-Foundation & P2P Foundation
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Place of publication
Chiang Mai
Date of Publication
February 2017
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Society is shifting from a production modus based on value created in a market system (through labor and capital) to one which recognizes broader value streams. These streams are experienced as 'contributions' to structures based on the co-construction of shared resources, also known as 'commons'.

In this report, Michel Bauwens and Vasilis Niaros of the P2P Foundation explore how new value regimes - such as for example open and contributory value accounting practices - can represent a shift towards post-capitalist practices. What if the commons represent a new economy that is being born within the old? We invite you to learn more about this powerful societal shift documented in this report.


Table of contents

1. Theoretical Framework

  • 1.1 Background
  • 1.2. Analysing the value crisis
  • 1.3. A historical approach to shifts in modes of exchange

2. Case Studies

  • 2.1. The Enspiral Network
  • 2.2. Sensorica
  • 2.3. Backfeed

3. Policy Recommendations

  • 3.1. Economic Infrastructure
  • 3.2. The Political Infrastructure

4. Conclusions

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