50 Years of ASEAN – Still Waiting for Social and Ecological Justice

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In 1967 the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was founded. Which role does social and ecological justice play? How does ASEAN react to the current geopolitical situation, in which the climate crisis poses the biggest threat and must be tackled through joint efforts? Countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam are highly vulnerable to climate change and feel the consequences already today. Is ASEAN able to react to the social and ecological challenges by taking the interest of its people into account?

This book collects all articles of our dossier "50 Years of ASEAN" and analyzes the institutions of ASEAN - their history, dynamics and policies.


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Date of Publication
September 2017
Heinrich Böll Foundation Southeast Asia
Number of Pages
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Table of contents
  1. The Development of ASEAN - an introduction
  2. ASEAN Identity, now and into the future: the interaction across borders in Southeast Asia
  3. ASEAN among Great Powers
  4. New Perspectives on Civil Society Engagement with ASEAN
  5. Global LGBT Rights and the Rise of Anti-LGBT Rhetoric in Indonesia
  6. Infographics
  7. Photographs: Mountainland
  8. Shrinking Civic Spaces in ASEAN
  9. New Strategies of Sustainable Food Production in ASEAN
  10. Renewable Energy in ASEAN
  11. The Future of Forced Migrants in ASEAN
  12. Article Contributors
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