The Future of Peace and Security in Europe

Ukrainian-Russian-Polish-German Quadrilateral Discussions
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June 2018
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It is vital to intensify the work on an architecture for peace across Europe that is based on the principles of Helsinki and Paris. The purpose of this report is to provoke further discussions on how this can be done without losing sight of the causes of the current crisis or suggesting that all parties bear equal responsibility or offering simple solutions that come at a cost that others will have to pay.


Table of contents
  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Rethinking the European Security Order
    The Region's Current Security Crisis: Competing Narratives
    What Basis for a New European Security Order?
  4. Eastern Ukraine: Looking for Peace in Europe
    Background to the Conflict
    The Media Landscape in Eastern Ukraine
    Eastern Ukraine's Internally Displaced Persons
    The 2017 Blockade of Donbas
  5. What Values for a Common European Future?
    Dealing with the Region's Past
    Contemporary Political Discourse and Populism in the Region
  6. Conclusion: The Need for Shared Narratives to Bolster European Security
  7. Participants of the Quadrilogue Discussion Process
    The Author

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