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Thar Coal Project and Local Community

Documenting Views and Experiences of Stakeholders
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The report “Thar Coal Project and Local Community” traces the development of the coal projects in Tharparkar in Pakistan. The report brings together the opinions, concerns, observations and experiences of the local communities, civil society, and experts, with regard to the Thar Coal project. The information gathering and documentation process has been guided by a human rights approach. This consolidation of information and opinions may provide a basis for a better understanding of the project from the perspective of the socio, economic and environmental landscape of the local communities.

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Date of Publication
December 2019
National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR)
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Table of contents

1. Acronyms

2. Introduction and Rationale

3. Background
3.1. Thar Coal Background
3.2. The Tharparkar Context
3.3. Social Change in Thar

4. Thar Coal Project: A Brief Overview
4.1. Thar Coal and Environmental Concerns
4.2. Socioeconomic Issues

5. The Gorano Reservoir Issue
5.1. Summary of interview/discussion with community on December 14, 2018
5.2. Thar Coal Projects and Community’s Experiences
5.3. Broader concerns regarding the Project

6. Conclusion

7. Recommendations

8. Annexures

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