Climate Change, Governance and Energy Discourse in Pakistan

Pakistan is among the most-affected countries by climate change worldwide. At the same time, it has been crippled by a raging energy crisis for the last few years. What needs to be done in order to support and pressurize the government to implement a meaningful policy on climate change and energy?
  By Tahir Hasnain

Hope and forgetting in Pakistan

What has always struck me about Pakistan and the Pakistani people is their ability to generate political passion despite so many disappointments. In other places, hope is a marathon runner who drops dead the moment she reaches her goal - although the real test begins much later. In Pakistan, despite the fact that no politician seems to have ever delivered on the promises he or she made, hope refuses to die.  By Britta Petersen

Indo-Pakistani relations: A lesson from European history?

After Germany lost World War II it had to acknowledge that it is a middle power that cannot dominate Europe. It therefore focused on rebuilding relations with former enemies through confidence building measures, economic cooperation and total restraint from military adventurism. Could this strategy be a role model for India and Pakistan as well?

By Britta Petersen