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Ukraine and EU: Towards a decarbonisation partnership

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Ukraine’s economy is among the most carbon intensive in the world. Coal is the dominating source of CO2 emissions in the energy and industry sectors. The country imports over 60 percent of its energy sources. In 2018, Ukraine spent 11 billion EUR on such imports. The Fact Sheet provides figures and numbers on the current state of the Ukrainian energy sector and outlines the benefits of a decarbonisation strategy for energy security, economic prosperity and climate protection. It further addresses the crucial role that the EU can play for this transition.

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Date of Publication
November 2019
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Table of contents
  • Fossil fuels and nuclear undermine energy security
  • Multi-billion state subsidies support aging coal power plants
  • Nuclear power cannot be part of the solution
  • Population pays a very high bill on health and environment
  • Boost climate and energy action
  • Accelerate transition to renewables
  • Energy efficiency measures are key to energy transition
  • Scale-up successes and best practices
  • Develop an EU-Ukraine decarbonisation partnership to foster a clean and secure energy future
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