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For a successful Global Biodiversity Framework
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Nineteen Dos and nine Don'ts explained, which are helpful for developing a successful Global Biodiversity Framework.

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1. Do have a strong principle-based foundatiom

2. Do make sure we live within planetary boundaries

3. Do include a rights-based approach

4. Do have full and equal participation for IPLCS and other rights-holders

5. Do address the root causes and indirect drivers of biodiversity loss

6. Do address the direct drivers of biodiversity loss

7. Do address equity and cross-border impacts

8. Do apply a whole government approach as the main tool in mainstreaming

9. Do assume a coordinating role within the UN

10. Do ensure there's no finance for biodiversity  destructuive activities

11. Do provide public finance for biodiversity

12. Do have proper conservation plans and areas that deliver for biodiversity

13. Do take care of biodiversity in all areas

14. Do strengthen implementation

15. Do set up accountability and compliance & enforcement measures

16. Do set up technology assessment

17. Do ensure continuity & implementation of the cartagena and nagoya protocol

18. Do promote agroecology and other community based solutions

19. Do prohibit any major disturbance of nature


1. Don't allow for any regression

2. Don't build the GBF on "voluntary" commitments

3. Don't oversimplyfy the GBF

4. Don't set apex target

5. Don't allow conflict of interest to undermine the GBF nor its implementation

6. Don't trust voluntary certification or corporate social responsibility

7. Don't commercialise biodiversity, make it market-dependend, or allow offsetting

8. Don't employ any technologiclal solutions to biodiversity loss or the climate crisis, which may present new threats to the environment and the peoples of the world

9. Don't include any targets that call for an increase on production

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