Pricing carbon

An important instrument of ambitious climate policy
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Both in Germany and internationally, the debate on the pricing of greenhouse gas emissions is experiencing a renaissance. However, an enlightened and realistic discussion of ways and means is needed so that CO2 pricing instruments can play a stronger role in climate policy. In this study, climate and energy expert Felix Chr. Matthes of the Öko-Institut examines the relevant elements of a CO2 pricing strategy. He gives an overview of design criteria and mechanisms of action.

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September 2020
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Executive summary

1. Introduction and background

2. Positioning carbon pricing in the policy mix

What we can – and cannot (really) – expect of carbon pricing

3. Current status of direct and indirect carbon pricing

3.1 The situation in Germany

3.2 Aspects of the situation in other European countries

4. What carbon prices are relevant?

5. Criteria for classifying different models and design elements

6. Central design characteristics of carbon pricing instruments

6.1 Incentives

6.2 Redistributing revenue

7. Classifying current decisions on carbon pricing for Germany

8. Synthesis, conclusions and outlook


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