"Stop the war in the South Caucasus"


Ellen Ueberschär demands an immediate ceasefire and negotiations for a sustainable peace process in Nagorno-Karabakh with EU support needed.

Ellen Ueberschär
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Ellen Ueberschär, President of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Dr. Ellen Ueberschär declared on behalf of the Executive Board of the Heinrich Böll Foundation on the war in Nagorno-Karabakh today:

"The war between Azerbaijan and Armenia bears the danger of escalating into a more comprehensive conflict, with unforeseeable consequences beyond the South Caucasus. The dynamics on the ground appear to be out of control, and external actors are influencing the current power constellations on the ground. The idea of Russia as an anchor of stability in the Caucasus turns out to be a myth, as does the idea of an alliance between Russia and Turkey. Turkey has intervened in the current conflict much more strongly compared to previous conflicts, both rhetorically and militarily.

It is shocking and irresponsible to see how restrained the international community reacts to this further escalating war over Nagorno-Karabakh and how little is undertaken for a ceasefire and peace. As a conflict on the edge of Europe, it concerns all of us because there are people dying every single day. Moreover, it has unforeseeable security policy implications for Europe – in addition to all the other crises (climate, health, economy, migration policy) that demand our attention.

Peace between Armenians and Azerbaijanis is possible: There have been much longer periods of the two nations and their historical predecessors living together in peace than there have been conflictual phases.

A ceasefire must now immediately be negotiated without further delay. This urgently requires more consistent commitment from actors with a genuine interest in peace. We call on all co-chairs of the Minsk Group (France, Russia, USA) to actively and energetically engage for peace. At the same time, Germany, currently holding the EU Council Presidency, and all EU institutions must now clearly demand and support all the necessary steps for an immediate ceasefire that will enable a long-term and sustainable peace process.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation strongly commits to the following demands:

  • That the fighting is stopped with immediate effect
  • That Turkey and Russia do everything to end this war
  • That the EU and its Member States resolutely demand a long-term and sustainable peace process from all directly and indirectly involved parties and actively support this peace process
  • That no more weapons are delivered to the region

We reject nationalist, inhumane and war-promoting narratives that preclude a peaceful coexistence of Armenians and Azerbaijanis and promote destabilization of the entire region.


On Friday October 9 2020 at 14:00 CEST, the Heinrich Böll Foundation hosts an online discussion on the Escalation in the War over Nagorno-Karabakh.

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