Decarbonization in Russia

Decarbonization Discourse in Russia

A stocktaking paper
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Until today Russia had not taken decarbonization and energy transition seriously. But now Russia started to increase its ambitions and change its discourse and a national carbon neutrality goal by 2060 was announced. However, deep decarbonization of the Russian economy through the introduction of renewable energy sources remains doubtful. Russia will develop climate targets, but these plans will rely on traditional technologies such as nuclear power and large hydroelectric power plants. And natural gas will be promoted as a clean fossil fuel. Certain decarbonization issues, like less coal, green hydrogen, and just energy transition, have thus far received very little attention in Russia Tatiana Lanshina’s paper Shows.

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Date of Publication
November 2021
Heinrich Böll Foundation
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22 pages
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Executive summary

  1. Ambivalent ambition
  2. Nuclear energy is considered green
  3. Change is coming, slowly
  4. What's in it for Russia?
  5. No end to coal in sight
  6. No pressure to decarbonize
  7. Civil society is locked out


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