Cover: Emerging & disruptive technologies and nuclear weapons decision making

Emerging & disruptive technologies and nuclear weapons decision making

Risks, challenges & mitigation strategies
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Nuclear weapons remain at the core of modern security strategies, and all great powers of the 21st century rely on nuclear deterrence to some extent. But nuclear deterrence is demanding, especially in its practical implementation, since the nuclear decision-making process requires taking dramatic decisions under time pressure. A sound decision on the deployment of nuclear weapons can only be taken if the available information is reliable and the communication lines secure. New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Quantum Computing can ease the decision-making process, but also introduce new uncertainties. A workshop organized by the European Leadership Network (ELN) focused on the impact of new and disruptive technologies on nuclear decision-making. The workshop was funded by the Heinrich Boell Foundation and showed that nuclear deterrence remains a precarious endeavor, especially in the era of Big Data and new technologies. The major findings of the workshop are summarized in this report.

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December 2021
The European Leadership Network (ELN)
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