Statement against Net-Zero narratives


The declaration "Real Solutions not Net-Zero" against the Net-Zero narratives was signed by 725 organisations during COP26. ➔ To the declaration

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In a letter to governments and international organisations gathered at COP26 in Glasgow 2021, 725 civil society groups from nearly 100 countries called for a commitment not to rely on empty "net zero" pledges, but to specific, ambitious and immediate action to bring emissions and fossil fuel production to a true zero level consistent with science and equity.

COP 26 has seen many of these "net zero" pledges based on mid-century emissions targets, offset-based carbon accounting tricks and illusory and dangerous technologies such as carbon capture, blue hydrogen and bioenergy. Such pledges, the civil society organisations' statement says, mask climate inaction and provide a cover for unchanged fossil fuel production as before, which is destroying the planet.

One year later, states and corporations are showing tendencies to back away from these promises. This underlines the need to establish binding rules and move forward with real solutions.

For COP27, these civil society demands for real solutions, for real zero emissions and a rapid phase out of fossil fuels remain central.

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