Tirana Office – Albania

Founded in 2021, the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Tirana Office, works to build and expand democratic, accessible and diverse public spaces in urban as well as rural areas in Albania.

Büro der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung in Tirana - rotes, mehrstöckiges Gebäude mit am Balkon hängenden blauen Fahne mit Erdkugel
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Our Office in Albania

We cooperate with and support a wide range partners including academia, artists and other cultural workers, environmental and human rights activists, initiatives and organizations and independent media to promote the tenets of ecology, sustainability, democracy and human rights. We place particular emphasis on gender democracy, as a cross-cutting issue that spills over to other crucial areas of our engagement with partner organizations and individuals.

We support progressive actors to engage in communities of interest in order to develop social capital, contribute to an informed critical public debate and to jointly consolidate the green political spectrum in Albania.

By organizing academic workshops, networking and dialogue events, we aim at enriching the perspectives and strengthening the cooperation between Albanian and other European actors to develop green approaches to the challenges of European integration and sustainable development.

Tirana Office – Albania


Dr. Mehmet Gökhan


Büro Tirana (Albania)


New Destil Creative Hub, 3rd Floor

Bldv. Zog. I, Tiranë

Telephone: (+355) 069 60 83302

E-Mail: info@al.boell.org

Website: al.boell.de