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Authoritarian elections in contemporary Southeast Asia

Trajectories and policy options
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A global recession of democracy and increasing democratic backsliding mean that so-called “authoritarian elections” have become more prominent, including in long-standing partner countries of Germany and the European Union.

This policy paper investigates the trend towards authoritarian elections in mainland Southeast Asia – in Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar – with a focus on the right to political participation. The paper provides German and European policymakers with recommendations on how to support democracy and good electoral practices.

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September 2023
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Executive Summary

  1. What are authoritarian regimes?
  2. The regional context of Southeast Asia
  3. The human right to political participation
  4. Three cases in mainland Southeast Asia
    1. Thailand
    2. Cambodia
    3. Myanmar
    4. Regional entanglements
  5. International Responses and Policy Options
  6. Germany
  7. European Union

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