"We are all part of the system and therefore can be part of the solution."

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The "Missing Voices" human rights network from Kenya which grew out of the Police Reforms Working Group Kenya (PRWG-K) is fighting on the front line to end the vicious cycle of police abuse of power. They partnered with Juliani, Flawless Konya, Mugureness, Anthem Republiq, and Abudabi Tembekali to create ‘Uwaga’ a music video aimed to inspire Kenyans to stand up against police brutality by illustrating the power of unity and re-imagining a nation whose principles are founded on equality and justice. 

Uwaga - Missing voices - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

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In 2021, Missing Voices verified 219 cases of police killings and enforced disappearances. Every month, approximately 19 people are killed or go missing in police custody. The majority of these victims are young males from Nairobi who live in informal settlements. Although certain demographics in Nairobi are more susceptible to encountering severe incidences of police misconduct, all Kenyans experience police abuse of power to varying degrees. In informal settlements police violence is overtly present; unlawful curfews are in place, arbitrary arrests are rampant and police killing and enforced disappearances are normalized. There are so many people fighting on the front line to end the vicious cycle of police abuse of power.

We are all part of the system and therefore can be part of the solution.

Missing voices' partners in producing the 'Uwaga" video

Portrait of Flawless Konya
Flawless Konya

Flawless Konya

Flawless Konya is a young Musician from the Mathare Empire. He is fiercely engaged in championing youth action towards reclaiming the humanity and dignity of Mathare by planting trees and making it green. Together with his peers at MGM, (Mathare Green Movement). He is involved in using art and trees to spread consciousness, re-imagine possible realities and design new futures from the Mathare environment. Further from environmental rehabilitation, MGM is planting trees to memorialize young men who have lost their lives to police killings over the years. Inherent in this logic of memorial trees is the desire to heal community wounds but also plant a seed of never forgetting the struggle.

Portrait of Anthem Republiq
Anthem Republiq

Anthem Republiq

Anthem Republiq grew up in Mathare the second largest Slum in Africa Where Dignity is a wish, silenced by inequalities, these inspired him to participate in making Dignity a reality, by using his God-given natural resource Creativity and innovative mind to turn human experience into rhythms.

His style of art is called Spoken Soul Rhythm, a genre he founded. He aims to connect with people, challenge assumptions, lead conversations, imagine solutions and Inspire them to participate in making the world a peaceful environment for everyone.

Portrait of Javan the Poet

Javan The Poet

Born Javan Omondi Ofula in a family of five, a lover of literature since his days in school, Javan has kept the love on by composing lots of poetry for personal nourishment. After his O-level education, he chose to go mainstream by doing socially charged pieces in different forums to champion social justice and also appreciate African culture. Having composed over twenty pieces that saw him perform on different stages for different awards he has worked with many artists and youth organizations in line of empowering youths and arts.

This year he was selected by the United Nations as one of the world artists to create the song “Imagine” (adopted as the theme song to celebrate International Youth Day 2020) and also was an international panelist to discuss the power of youths collaborating with artists from all over the world. His works have been published both locally and abroad. Overtime Javan the Poet has proven to also be a prolific speaker on numerous issues and majorly on matters of human rights, youths in arts, sport and leadership, sharing panels with many to shed light and share opinions in these key conversations.

Portrait of Juliani


Juliani (born Julius Owino) is an award-winning hip-hop artist, entrepreneur, ambassador, speaker and activist. He has over 16 years under his belt in the Kenyan and African hip-hop industry and is considered a pioneer within the industry. He has perfomed all over Kenya, Africa, Europe and the USA.




Portrait of Mugureness


Victoria Mugure better known as Mugureness is a singer songwriter and a fashion designer whose style of music is influenced by kikuyu folk ,hip hop , neo soul, jazz and reggae. Being born in Dandora her music was heavily influenced by hip hop as it was the main way of expression and she has worked with various artists such as ukoo flani and kalamashaka and many others .Since her brother’s transition Mugureness has been passionate about social justice and through her music she aims to inspire people to seek justice in the system and to find it within themselves to be in a place where love is unrestricted by chains of oppression for God is love none greater.

Portrait of Abudabi Tembekali
Abudabi Tembekali

Abudhabi Tembekali

Alvin Kinyanjui, professionally known as Abu Tembekali, is a multi-talented artist hailing from Nairobi, Kenya. Born on November 28, 1991, Abu Tembekali has established himself as a rapper, actor, artivist, and sound engineer, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene. With a career spanning over 12 years, Abu Tembekali has collaborated with numerous renowned artists, including Maburuguda Nation, Wakuu Music, Anthem Republic, Javan the Poet, Mugureness, and Juliani, among others. His diverse collaborations showcase his versatility and dedication to creating exceptional music. His involvement in various community initiatives is evident through his membership in the Dandora Hip Hop City (DHC) since 2015 and the Dandora Community Justice Centre since 2018. Abu Tembekali's commitment to using his music for positive change and social activism is an integral part of his artistic vision.

This video and text are part of the dossier "Youth & democracy in Africa. Young voices on the rise".