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Value Addition in the Context of Mineral Processing

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To achieve decarbonisation, the rush on a number of metals and minerals, categorized as “critical” by the European Union has taken up speed. The EU approaches resource-rich countries with the prospect of value creation in those countries which seems to promise higher revenues.

This report takes a closer look at metal processing on the basis of six exemplary metals in different countries: What does value creation mean? Are there best practice examples of green refining? What policy recommendations can be derived?

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November 2023
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- Mineral processing and economic value addition

  1. Mineral processing may add economic value, but often does not take place in mineral-producing countries
  2. Mineral processing adds economic value, but not as much as other activities further down the value chain
  3. Economic value addition is not guaranteed by domestic mineral processing
  4. Economic value addition commitments in the EU's Strategic Partnerships
    1. The political value add of processing
    2. Value addition is not just financial
    3. Environmental and social impacts of mineral processing: Value subtraction
    4. Value added: Consultation, transparency, and technological transfer
    5. Investing in CRM processing – an investment for the future?


Policy recommendations

Annex: Summary of interviewees

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