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Limiting environmental damage, human rights abuses and Indigenous Peoples’ rights violations

Civil society guidelines for the implementation of the EU Critical Raw Materials Regulation
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The guidelines were collaboratively crafted by multiple civil society organizations comprising the EU Raw Materials Coalition. There is great concern with the overall aims of the EU Critical Raw Materials Regulatoin (CRMR) and what it may mean in terms of driving greater extraction of primary raw materials, increasing harms to nature and people, these guidelines urge EU and national decision makers to implement the Regulation in a way that can limit these harms. These guidelines therefore offer practical recommendations for implementation of the CRMR in a way that can help limit environmental damage, human rights abuses and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights violations based on the agreed-upon text.

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February 2024
EU Raw Materials Coalition
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Raw Material Demand Reduction and Circular Economy

  • Introduction

Strategic Partnerships and Raw Materials Diplomacy

  • Introduction
  • Strategic Partnerships: Mutually beneficial and added value in third countries?
  • Criteria for strategic partnerships
  • Developing and monitoring Strategic Partnerships
  • Assessment of economic and social development needs a just transition approach

Free, Prior and Informed Consent and Indigenous Peoples Rights

  • Introduction
  • Key Takeaways

Certification and Industry Schemes

  • Introduction
  • Role of certification schemes in the CRMR text
  • Schemes can apply to the commission to be recognised
  • Role of certification schemes to attest compliance with sustainability criteria for strategic projects
  • Reliance on Certification schemes is not sufficient to comply with human rights, Indigenous Peoples' rights, and environmental standards
  • Criteria certification schemes have to meet to be accepted with an implementing act to "prove" compliance of strategic projects
  • Criteria for certification schemes:




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