Greeting at the award ceremony for the Anne Klein Women's Prize 2024


Greeting from the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Lisa Paus, MP

Lisa Paus steht in hinter einem Redepult. Sie trägt eine lila-farbene Jacke. Vor ihr steht der Anne-Klein-Frauenpreis.

Dear Ms. Sporysh,
Ms. Scholz and representatives of the Heinrich Böll Foundation
Ms. Jamila Schäfer,
Ms. Sylvia Löhrmann, Prof. Dr. Michaele Schreyer,
Ms. Jutta Wagner,
friends of Ukraine,
ladies and gentlemen,

I had the privilege of knowing Anne Klein. What a remarkable woman! The determination and the vigour with which she sought for ways to make a more just society, as a lawyer, as a campaigner for women’s rights and as a feminist! Courageous. Clear-headed. Smart. In her law firm, in the Senate. In her daily life – so strong, so stalwart. I was profoundly impressed; I still am.

I believe that Anne Klein would have been delighted to know that an award that bears her name is being given to Yuliya Sporysh today: What a worthy award-winner!

My dear Ms. Sporysh, I do not want to encroach on the subject matter of the presentation address. After these two years and six days of war in your country, though, I would like to say to you, and to all of the women in Ukraine – whom you have been supporting in this time of bitter conflict: We stand with you!

And we will also stand with you when it comes to establishing a feminist post-war order in Ukraine! When it is time to ensure that women are more actively involved during the reconstruction than they have ever been!

I am looking forward to seeing you again at the UN women’s rights conference in New York in a few days’ time. Let’s talk further afterwards about what we can do to support you and our work on behalf of women in your country.

Societies are more peaceful and more stable when women play an active role in shaping them.
When gender equality is emphasized and experienced in them. This is why the “Women, Peace and Security” agenda is so important to us: It focuses on the equal participation of women and girls in peace processes and on their protection in situations of armed conflict – specifically, protection from sexual and gender-based violence. Just how important this work is – its vital importance – is something that you, Ms Sporysh, demonstrate every day with your NGO “Girls”. I have no doubt: we need gender-mainstreaming in peace and security policy too! Women must have a voice in decision-making – on how conflict can be avoided, how peace can be negotiated and how reconstruction can be successful.

Around 715,000 Ukrainian women have come to Germany as refugees. My ministry is trying to provide targeted support to them – above to those who are now raising children alone. When the war is over, hopefully soon, and it is time for reconstruction, we want to provide assistance that is just as targeted: aimed at the integration, equality and promotion of women who want to help build the new Ukraine – I know how important that is to you too, dear Ms. Sporysh.

You have my heartfelt thanks for your work and congratulations on receiving this award!

Translated from Alison Borrowman.