The AIIB - A multilateral bank like any other?

The China-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) began operations in 2016 and quickly became a major player in global finance. By the end of 2020, the AIIB had 103 approved member countries. In two in-depth studies, we examine the governance of this new-type infrastructure bank. The AIIB plays an important role in China's efforts to shape a new form of multilateralism in which it sets the rules.

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Cover The Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

The Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

The business of the AIIB is the financing of large infrastructure projects such as power plants, dams and transport routes. Such investments are inherently associated with high environmental and social risks, as well as corruption and high levels of debt. This study provides an overview of the institution's close alignment with China and its transparency and information disclosure rules.

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