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The return of religious politics


Religion is back on the political agenda, with various religious issues the subject of intensive political debate. An interview with Ellen Ueberschär, president of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

By Dr. Ellen Ueberschär

Dossier: The Berlin Anthology

Poems, short prose and essays on the fate of refugees and asylum-seekers - as published in our "Berlin Anthology - From where I shan't return".


The true heroes of our world choose to flee, instead of pushing automatic rifles into the hands of their sons. A poem from the "Berlin Anthology".

By Birgitta Jónsdóttir


Berlin Anthology: From where I shan’t return


Twenty-two authors from fifteen different countries contemplate the fates of refugees and asylum-seekers in literary form. The perspectives and insights are just as different as individual motives, destinies, and experiences.