Conference: Radius of Art - Creative politicisation of the public sphere

Conference: Radius of Art - Creative politicisation of the public sphere

Conference documentation: radius of art: Creative politicisation of the public sphere - Cultural potentials for social transformation

Workshop-Impression auf der Konferenz "radius of art", Bild: Stephan Röhl Lizenz: Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0
The conference was designed to contribute to the international discussion around the effects art and culture have on socio-ecological transformation toward cultures of sustainability, in particular on democratisation processes and forms of political participation and social empowerment, political awareness-raising and the forming of public opinion. The conference also offered an international dialogue and exchange of ideas and experiences between key actors within the cultural, academic , and political sectors. Another aim was to analyse the basic stipulations set for the realization of projects in the above-listed fields, to examine the structural frameworks that govern them, and to introduce new concepts for sponsoring and finance structures.

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» Introduction: Conference radius of art  - Creative politicisation of the public sphere - Cultural potentials for social transformation, 8th-9th February 2012

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Basma El Husseiny: "Art and Social Transformation"

- March 13, 2012 - Arts manager and a cultural activist Basma El Husseiny points out that art is one of the most essential assets during social change. Being creative enables people to feel and think beyond their immediate reality and outside their usual capacity. more»
Policing Dialogues 2010


The Potential of a Cross Sector Art Project

- March 13, 2012 - Fiona Whelan is an artist from Rialto, Dublin where she has worked cross sector with a community based youth project. In her speech she briefly describes the project which focuses on the relationship between young people and the police.  Fiona Whelan more»


Rio+20 and the Cultural Dimension of Sustainability

- March 13, 2012 - Jordy Pacaul is the coordinator of the process “Agenda21 for Culture” at the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and teaches urban cultural policy and management at the Open University of Catalonia. In his speech he explains why culture should be included as the fourth dimension of sustainability.  Jordi Pascual more»



Practice as way to experience life: Artists engage in critical discussion about the primary issues that face their socially engaged practices.

- April 12, 2012 - Art and cultural projects are named more and more as one of the key platforms having immanent relevance for the public sphere, for processes of democratisation, for the discourse surrounding growth and sustainability and for the development of civil society. Currently the latter is being put under threat worldwide, not only in specific area of crisis. Susanne Bosch more»


Evaluation criteria – How to measure art and culture projects

- April 12, 2012 - This workshop has provided an opportunity to discuss already existing evaluation practices and specific approaches to the art and culture sector based on research and practitioners’ experiences, thus contributing to a more critical engagement between project managers, artists, and donors. Susanne Bosch more»

Audio Recordings: Conference: "radius of art"

Media Feedback

- March 14, 2012 -
  • Auch Jazz hat gesamtstaatliche Relevanz, Zeit Online, 10. Februar 2012
    Die aktuelle Debatte über die deutsche Kulturförderung braucht neue Maßstäbe! Wer den Jazz vernachlässigt, missachtet sein Potenzial, die Gesellschaft zu verändern.


  • Audio: Die politische Spannweite der Kunst, Deutschlandfunk, 10. Februar 2012
    Die Konferenz "Radius of Art" in Berlin, Von Kersten Knipp
    Zur Konferenz "Radius of Art" hat die Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Künstler und Vertreter der arabischen Kulturszene eingeladen, um die Auswirkungen kultureller Aktivitäten auf soziale Transformationsprozesse zu diskutieren.

  • Audio: "Die Kunst ist ein wichtiger Faktor", Deutschlandradio Kultur, 08. Februar 2012
    Ägyptische Aktivistin: Politisches System lässt sich nur über soziale Veränderungen reformieren




radius of art: Thematic Window - Public Art

- March 22, 2012 - The definitions of what public art is, and the terms we use for describing it, were often unclear, blurred and arbitrary. The speakers were rather critic about the current state of public space and public art. During the conference, various participators used terms like public space, public realm, or public sphere synonymic. more»



Publication Series Education and Culture, Volume 10

Conceptual Thoughts on Establishing a Fund for Aesthetics and Sustainability

- February 1, 2012 - We live in an era of comprehensive social transition, in an era of the “not anymore and not yet.” This diagnosis of not anymore/not yet is the point of departure for bringing aesthetics into the debate on sustainability. It is based on the claim that artistic strategies are the best approach in radically open contents and for dealing with gaps. more»

Publication Series Ecology, Volume 20

Toward Global (Environ)Mental Change

- February 2, 2012 - The global crisis of unsustainability is not only a crisis of the hardware of civilization, it is also a crisis of the software of minds. Therefore we need a global (environ)mental change, that is a transformation process to affect the many relationships between our minds and their environments. more»

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