A Watershed Moment for Bosnia and Herzegovina too?

30 Years after the Start of the War

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April 6, 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the outbreak of the Bosnian War - the first war in Europe after World War 2. The reality in Bosnia and Herzegovina to this day is a succession of increasingly severe crises. The current war of aggression on Ukraine fuels the risk of destabilization. The EU must support civil society and progressive parties in the country instead of continuing to seek deals with secessionist forces that deepen ethnic divides, dismantle the state and put peace at risk.
On the 30th anniversary after the start of the war, we bring together positions of Bosnian civil society on German and European policies.



Western Balkans Strategy Group: Position Paper Western Balkans 6

Recommendations and expectations for German and European policy

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has direct and significant implications for the Western Balkans. The lack of a consistent and convincing EU perspective and U.S. engagement in the region opened up space for other actors and scenarios aimed at recomposing the Western Balkans as well as promoted regressive tendencies throughout the region.

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