Energy Atlas: Figures and Facts about Renewables in Europe

DossierEnergy Atlas 2018: Figures and Facts about Renewables in Europe

There is another way for the energy transition

The European Energy Atlas 2018 is published at a time when the EU Member States are discussing their energy and climate strategy until 2030. It thereby not only provides a compass on the differing energy discussions in Europe but also reveals how a Europeanization of the energy transition will be the more efficient and cost-effective option for all Europeans.

Citizens: Many drops make a river

Energy Atlas

Conventional energy comes from a few large, powerful firms. But for renewable energy sources, it makes sense for the generation capacity to be owned by individuals and communities.

By Molly Walsh

Vision: Looking to be leader

Energy Atlas

Europe is making progress towards its energy transition at a rate few imagined ten years ago. There is still a long way to go, but the continent is now in a position to become the global leader in green energy.

By Claude Turmes

Linking Sectors: Power, transport, heat united

Energy Atlas

Heating, cooling and transport consume huge amounts of fossil fuels. Converting them to renewable energy poses challenges, but also offers solutions to the problem of variable power generation.

By Dr. Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera

Economy: Making progress, more work needed

Energy Atlas

Renewables have moved from being a sideshow to the main act in Europe’s energy theatre. Government support has been key to this – but renewables are increasingly able to stand on their own.

By Rebecca Bertram
EU energy policy is shifting from a fragmented picture towards greater synchronisation, and at the same time to a greater degree of commitment to clean energy.
Energy Atlas 2018



The European energy transition has a high potential to increase prosperity (e.g. more local jobs) and to boost Europe’s global leadership in green innovations.
Energy Atlas 2018

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